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Remembering important days all around the year is very tough as it includes national and international days. Being able to remember all of them can sound like big work. Every month contains a few significant holidays and occasions to honor the things that have happened. Don’t worry we have completed a month-wise list of special national and international days to make it easy for you to maintain your social media calendars.

We have also included Indian festivals so you don’t miss out on any. 

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January Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/01/2022New Year (National)
04/01/2022World Braille Day
06/01/2022World War Orphans Day
13/01/2022Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti
14/01/2022Lohri (Indian Festival)
21/01/2022International Hug Day
23/01/2022Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti (National Day)
25/01/2022International Customs Duty Day
26/01/2022Republic Day (National Day)
February Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/02/2022Indian Coast Guard Day
04/02/2022World Cancer Day
05/02/2022Basant PanchmiSaraswati Puja (Indian Festival)
07/02/2022International Development Week
13/02/2022Sarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary
14/02/2022Valentine’s Day
21/02/2022International Mother Language Day
27/02/2022World Sustainable Energy Day
March Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/03/2022Mahashivratri (Indian Festival)
03/03/2022World Hearing Day
08/03/2022International Women’s Day
15/03/2022World Consumer Rights Day
17/03/2022Holika Dahan (Indian Festival)
18/03/2022Holi (Indian Festival)World Sleep Day
20/03/2022International Day of Happiness
21/03/2022World Poetry Day
22/03/2022World Water Day
27/03/2022world theater day
31/03/2022International Transgender Day of Visibility
April Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/04/2022April Fool’s Day
02/04/2022Chaitra NavratriUgadiGudi Padwa ( Indian Festival)
07/04/2022World Health Day
10/04/2022Ram Navami (Indian Festival)
11/04/2022Chaitra Navratri Parana (Indian Festival)
14/04/2022Baisakhi(Indian Festival)Ambedkar Jayanti(National Day)
16/04/2022Hanuman jayanti (Indian Festival)
17/04/2022Easter Day(International)
22/04/2022Earth Day(International Day)
29/04/2022International Dance Day
May Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/05/2022International Workers Day
03/05/2022Akshaya Tritiya (India Festival)Eid al-Fitr (International)World Laughter Day(International)
07/05/2022Rabindranath Tagore’s Birthday
08/05/2022Mother’s Day
11/05/2022National Technology Day
12/05/2022International Nurses Day
18/05/2022International Museums Day
25/05/2022World Hunger Day
June Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/06/2022World Milk Day
03/06/2022World Bicycle day
04/06/2022Wowit Day
05/06/2022World Environment Day
08/06/2022World Oceans Day
14/06/2022World Blood Donor Day
19/06/2022Father’s Day
21/06/2022World Music DayNational Selfie Day
30/06/2022Social Media Day
July Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/07/2022Jagannath Rath Yatra (Indian Festival)International Joke Day
02/07/2022World UFO Day
03/07/2022International Plastic Bag Free Day
06/07/2022International Kissing DayWorld Zoonoses day
07/07/2022World Chocolate Day
10/07/2022Ashadhi Ekadashi(Indian Festival)Eid al Adha(International)
11/07/2022World Population Day
13/07/2022Guru Purnima(Indian Festival)International Rock Day
15/07/2022World Youth Skills Day
16/07/2022World Snake Day
17/07/2022World Emoji DayWorld Day for International Justice
18/07/2022Nelson Mandela DayGlobal Hug Your Kids Day
19/07/2022World Product Day
20/07/2022International Chess DayWorld Jump DaySpace Exploration Day
26/07/2022Kargil Vijay Diwas (National)
28/07/2022World Hepatitis DayWorld Nature Conservation Day
29/07/2022International Tiger day (International day
30/07/2022International Friendship Day
31/07/2022Hariyali Teej (indian Festival)

August Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA

01/08/2022World Wide Web Day
02/08/2022Nag Panchami (Indian Festival)
05/08/2022Blogger Day
06/08/2022Hiroshima Day
08/08/2022International Cat Day
09/08/2022Quit India Movement Day
10/08/2022world lion day
11/08/2022Raksha Bandhan(Indian Festival)
12/08/2022International Youth Day
13/08/2022World Organ Donation Day
14/08/2022Kajari Teej(Indian Festival)
15/08/2022Independence Day (National Day)
19/08/2022Janmashtami(Indian Festival)World Photo Day
20/08/2022Sadbhavna Divas
26/08/2022Women’s Equality Day(International)
30/08/2022Hartalika Teej(Indian Festival)
31/08/2022Ganesh Chaturthi(Indian Festival)
September Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/09/2022World Letter Writing Day
02/09/2022World Coconut Day
03/09/2022World Beard DayInternational Vulture Awareness Day
05/09/2022Teachers Day (National Day)International Day of CharityWorld Samosa Day
08/09/2022OnamThiruvonam (Indian Festival)International Literacy DayWorld Physical Therapy Day
09/09/2022Anant Chaturdashi (Indian Festival)International Sudoku Day
10/09/2022World Suicide Prevention Day
13/09/2022International Chocolate Day
14/09/2022Hindi day
15/09/2022Engineers’ Day (National)International Dot Day
16/09/2022World Ozone DayInternational Grenache Day
17/09/2022International Country Music DayInternational Coastal Cleanup DayInternational Red Panda DayInternational Eat An Apple Day
18/09/2022/09/2022World Water Monitoring Day
21/09/2022International Day of Peace
22/09/2022World Car Free DayWorld Rhino Day
23/09/2022International Day of Sign Languages
24/09/2022World Bollywood DayInternational Rabbit Day
25/09/2022World Dream DayWorld Rivers DayWorld Pharmacists Day
26/09/2022Sharad Navratri (Indian Festival)
27/09/2022World Tourism Day
28/09/2022International Poke DayWorld Rabies Day
29/09/2022World Heart DayWorld Maritime Day
30/09/2022International Podcast DayInternational Thunderbirds DayInternational Translation Day
October Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/10/2022International Coffee DayInternational Music DayWorld Vegetarian Day
02/10/2022Gandhi JayantiInternational Day of Non-Violence
03/10/2022Durga Puja Ashtami (Indian Festival)
04/10/2022Durga Maha Navami Puja (Indian Festival)World Animal day
05/10/2022Dussehra (Indian Festival)
07/10/2022World Smile Day
10/10/2022World Mental Health Day
13/10/2022Karva Chauth (Indian Festival)
14/10/2022World Egg Day
16/10/2022World Food Day
23/10/2022Dhanteras(indian Festival)
24/10/2022Diwali (Indian Festival)
26/10/2022Bhai DoojGovardhan Puja (Indian Festival)
28/10/2022International Animation Day
30/10/2022Chhath Puja(Indian Festival)
November Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/11/2022World Vegan Day
05/11/2022World Numbat Day
07/11/2022World Orphan day
08/11/2022World Radiography Day/World Quality Day
09/11/2022World Freedom Day
10/11/2022International Accounting Day
11/11/2022World Origami Day
13/11/2022World Kindness Day
14/11/2022Children’s Day (National Day)World Diabetes Day
16/11/2022International Day for Tolerance
17/11/2022International Students DayWorld Prematurity Day
19/11/2022International Men’s Day
20/11/2022World Children’s Day
21/11/2022World Television DayWorld Hello Day
25/11/2022International Day for the Elimination of Violence against WomenInternational Systems Engineer DayBlack Friday
December Social Media Calendar 2022 – INDIA
01/12/2022World AIDS Day
03/12/2022International Day of Persons with Disabilities
04/12/2022World Wildlife Conservation DayInternational Cheetah Day
05/12/2022World Soil Day
07/12/2022International Civil Aviation Day
14/12/2022World Energy Conservation Day
15/12/2022International Tea Day
23/12/2022Kisan Divas (Farmer’s Day)
24/12/2022National Consumer’s Day
25/12/2022Christ-mas Day (International Day)
31/12/2022New Year’s Eve

Hoping this list helped you to remember this special day. These major national and international holidays and dates will help you study for a variety of tests and broaden your knowledge. 

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