Must-have Social Media Marketing Tools for 2022

An independent venture advertiser may think that social media marketing tools are just for experts. But this most certainly isn’t true. Social media marketing tools are overly successful tools that can be used by a business of any size and in any domain. Social Media Marketing is a platform where social interactions are done. To perform social media marketing in a successful manner, there are some tools listed below.

5 Social Media Marketing Tools for 2022

  1. Buffer
    Many online marketers are using Buffer for years. This tool allows you to put your posts in a queue to schedule them on different social platforms. Buffer has divided itself into three parts that are Publish, Reply, and Analyze. They have a paid version and you can choose the plan which suits your marketing needs the best. The tool has recently introduced a new feature that lets you add the first comment with your scheduled Instagram post. Buffer offers most of the features that a third-party tool integrates.
  2. HootSuite
    This tool allows businesses to track their clients and understand their customer’s sentiments and engagement with their brand. It is important to break down any preconceived notions that the client may have regarding their brand. Hootsuite provides features with clean functionality and a relatively easy-to-learn interface. Sometimes this may get pricey and it can exceed your specific quotas but it’s still worth than a small business digital marketer.
  3. Zapier
    Zapier is a tool that encourages automation. It is a great tool if any business wants to take their automation game to new heights. A lot of online marketers use both for different tasks. If you are looking for some neat automation ideas then Zapier has a list of suggestions about how you can use it to better manage your social media accounts.
  4. Bitly
    Bitly is a link shorter that shrinks lengthy URLs into much smaller ones. Original links can be difficult to remember and tricky to share while short links look better and are easier to remember. Bitly tells you who clicked what, when, and where. It is a powerful social media marketing tool that is used to track clicks, visit site referrals, and pinpoint geographical locations with the most clicks.
  5. Buzzsumo
    Research is the most crucial part of social media marketing. If you wish to do well and leave your competitors in the dust, you need to know and understand what they are doing and whether what you are doing is working or not. Buzzsumo is a social media marketing research tool that helps you to know how your content is doing and who is spreading the word.


There are many tools out there, and new ones popping out all the time. The main key is to find tools that support your social media marketing efforts and invest some time in getting to know them. Don’t hesitate to add new tools to your kit, but also don’t discard the old ones just because something fresh and shiny has turned up.

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