Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups in 2022

Implementing digital marketing strategies for startups is the key to the growth of the business. Every startup is different and every business has something unique to offer to the public and their target audience. A startup’s unique proposition and good marketing strategy is a perfect duo that can elevate any business and help it reach heights. Today at WOWIT, we have brought you some proven digital marketing strategies for your startup and the importance of flexibility when it comes to different strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

  1. Strong Foundation
    The first thing to do when you are planning a digital marketing strategy is to create a strong foundation for your business. Because this foundation will help you succeed in the long run.

Consider branding as your first digital marketing strategy. Having strong branding will instantly look good not only in the eyes of the public but also provide a foundation for your startup. Flushing out your mission, vision, and values is a great start to building your brand identity.

Goals and a clear message
Having defined goals and a clear message helps tie your brand vision and purpose. Know your brand purpose and everything will become easier for you. In the early stages of your startup, you will want to create brand awareness while gaining new customers, and building an online presence will help it.

Value Proposition
Value Proposition is something that makes your brand unique from others. Make sure you are describing your services, products, business model, and target audience properly.

Set a budget
Your marketing budget will be determined at the time of your goals in the beginning. Setting a budget for each move is the best way to go because losing money is never fun.

  1. Audience Research
    Conducting market research or SWOT analysis will help you to understand your customers or target audience better. You need to know who your target audience is and what they think about your industry. SWOT analysis will help you in finding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your business.
  2. Social Media Strategies
    Moving on to the actionable aspects of digital marketing strategies, social media is the first step to reaching your target audience via different social handles. Consider all the social platforms with which your target audience is familiar. The most common ones are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin. Each social channel will offer something different and unique to reach your target audience. This is a perfect way to convert people scrolling through your account to your potential customers.
  3. Content Strategies
    Doing content marketing is providing high-quality content that provides value to your customers and those browsing through your website and platforms. Content marketing involves blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, and email marketing. Writing blog posts and emails is a great way to set digital footprints for your audience. Our tip is that you should have catchy titles and headlines. So that your customer will want to read them immediately. Because you don’t want to spam them with invaluable content.
  4. Offline Strategies
    Offline Marketing consists of these 3 strategies:

Word of Mouth
Most people likely try something when they hear a friend or family member or possibly an influencer they trust talking about a particular service or product. Get people to try your product or services because it is a great way to position your brand as trustworthy and authentic.

Brochures and business cards
Have a business card with your name, logo, and your information as well as brochures to get people to know more about your business. It’s free promotion for your business as they are also able to give it away.

Press releases
Reach out to the journalists in your area and let them know about your brand as well as the products and services you offer. This can be a great source of publicity for your business.

  1. Unique Strategies
    Stickers – Give out free stickers as stickers have become a new currency for startups.
    Try an invite-only platform – Creating an invite-only platform creates a buzz between customers. As nowadays people are always curious about stuff it encourages people to see your brand.
    A gift for each purchase – Giving a gift on every purchase will only make your customers come back for more.

Summing up, we have shown you how to create digital marketing strategies for your startup along with some examples. We also want to hight the importance of flexibility during your business startup journey. Because the truth is that not every strategy is for your business, you will have to experiment again and again.

Also, we are here to help you with your digital marketing needs. Because as a digital marketing agency we understand your needs and the work that needs to be done. We have been in your shoes and we are here to help you.
So let’s work together!


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