MBA Chaiwala | What Strategy made MBA Chaiwala successful?

MBA Chaiwala is a new concept in the tea industry. Chai Wala comes up with the idea of giving tea lovers the ambiance of, a fresh and fun experience in a tea boutique.

Praful, holding a degree native of Madhya Pradesh is the owner of the MBA Chaiwala franchise. If you are an MBA student then it’s special to clear your doubt about what MBA Chaiwala is. It stands for “Mr. Bhillore Ahmedabad Chai Wala”

Besides his remarkable accomplishments, he was opposed to working for someone else.

As India is a land of tea lovers, he decided to quit his job at McDonald’s as a housekeeper and cashier to start his tea shop. Praful found himself torn between his tea-loving goals and his father’s choices for him. So he has chosen his goals over his father’s dream and left his MBA to experiment with tea with all the different flavors & come up with multiple flavors. 

Praful adopted some of these strategies to fulfill his goals for tea.

A distinct marketing strategy MBA Chaiwala

India is a country where people adore their tea, thus selling tea to someone who speaks English is a unique way to attract customers. Handcrafted Eastern tea cups, toast, and tissue with the tea cup were all a part of his marketing strategy.

Offer premium flavors

In India, tea is a religion, and we are its devoted followers! So much so that not even the scorching weather can stop them. A warm hug on sick days or a cup of chai is a comforting dosage of conversation starters among family members. 

And if the thought of a “kadak adrak wali chai” has your heart pounding out of control, we are confident that you would enjoy some intriguing spins on this traditional Indian hot beverage. A change in flavor adds swiftly to the mood. Therefore he brought more than 50 different flavors in tea.


Affordable high-quality tea, snacks & coffee

For the rest of the world, water may make up 60% of the human body, but for us Indians, it’s safe to say that tea makes up 100% of who we are. If we see tea, it doesn’t matter what day, hour, or location it is—it’s the ideal time! Therefore he started to sell tea at affordably low prices, where nobody has to think twice before going to buy a snack or tea.

Brand Awareness

He put his stalls in political gatherings, weddings, and other occasions to gain more attraction. Praful made his social presence on social platforms. Later on, he came up with some exciting offers like Offering free tea to singles on Valentine’s Day was a boom for his brand. When this idea went viral he gained a lot more customers.

Three design models

All three 3 effective models will work for entrepreneurs that is, Dine in(300-400 square feet), Lounge(500- 800 square feet), and Kiosk models(150s square feet). The kiosk is the most aspiring model for lucrative stores that want to launch with the least amount of capital.

These tactics made wonders in achieving his business goals.

Location – 1106, 11th floor, Skye Earth Corporate Park, Vijay Nagar Square, Sector B, Slice 5, Aranya Nagar, Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Finally, say’s

As an MBA Chaiwala has great potential for great returns from minimal start-up costs, 

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