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Best Real Estate Agents in India

A best real estate agents in india assists people in buying or selling real estate. Brokers work independently, while agents work under licensed brokers. They are licensed by the state to negotiate sales agreements and handle paperwork for real estate deals. Buyers and sellers should consult licensed professionals for information on agency laws in their state. State laws often require a written agreement outlining each party’s responsibilities.

Seller’s agents, also known as listing brokers or agents, help owners market their homes for sale or rent. Buyer’s agents assist buyers in purchasing real estate. Dual agents work for both the buyer and seller, but must ensure both parties sign a dual agency agreement. Each state has different rules regarding dual agency, with some states no longer allowing it. Transaction brokers provide limited representation and don’t act in the best interests of either party. They facilitate the transaction but don’t represent either side. Real estate brokers are typically paid a commission, usually 5-6% of the sale price, which can be split with other brokers or agents. Different types of real estate include land, buildings, fences, and bridges, while personal property refers to items not permanently attached to the land.

Why do you need a real estate agent?

Buying or selling a property can be a complex and time-consuming process. It involves various legal formalities, negotiations, and paperwork that can be overwhelming for an individual. This is where a real estate agent comes into play. A professional agent has the expertise and knowledge of the local market, which can help you make informed decisions. They act as a mediator between buyers and sellers, ensuring that both parties benefit from the transaction.

Qualities to look for in a real estate agent

When choosing a real estate agent, it is essential to consider certain qualities that set them apart from the rest. Firstly, experience is a crucial factor. An agent who has been in the industry for a significant amount of time will have a better understanding of the market dynamics and trends. Secondly, communication skills are vital. A good agent should be able to effectively communicate with clients, understand their needs, and provide timely updates. Lastly, transparency and honesty are non-negotiable traits. A reliable agent will always prioritise the client’s best interests and provide accurate information.

Top Best Real Estate Agents in India

1. DLF Ltd.

DLF is a renowned real estate company in India, founded in 1946 and headquartered in Gurgaon. Rajiv Singh serves as the CEO. In 2020, the company generated INR 6,082 million in net revenue. DLF has been transforming the Indian landscape for 75 years by constructing world-class buildings and following best practices in construction, environmental sustainability, and corporate governance. With over 32 million square feet of rentable space, DLF has received 13 “Sword of Honor” awards from the British Safety Council for its exceptional safety standards.


 Best Real Estate Agents in India
Best Real Estate Agents in India

2. Ansal Properties. Ltd.

Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd., also known as Ansal API, is a prominent real estate company in India. It has been operating since 1967 and offers a wide range of properties and infrastructure projects. Ansal API is involved in the development of integrated townships, condominiums, group housing, shopping complexes, and hotels. The company is led by Mr. Sushil Ansal, the Chairman, who has played a key role in its success across various industries such as real estate, construction, hotels, infrastructure, and education. Ansal API has a strong presence in North India, particularly in Delhi NCR, Punjab, and Haryana, with 19 townships in these regions. The company focuses on residential, commercial, and hotel projects as its main areas of operation.


3. Godrej Properties Ltd. 

Godrej Properties is an Indian real estate company that specialises in the development and sale of homes. With a history dating back to 1897, the company is headquartered in Mumbai and is led by Chairman Pirojsha Godrej and Chairman Emeritus Adi B Godrej. In FY20, Godrej Properties recorded a net revenue of INR 2,441 crore.

The company has received 57 awards this year, including prestigious titles such as Builder of the Year by CNBC-AWAAZ Real Estate Awards and Real Estate Company of the Year by Construction Week Awards 2019. It has also been recognized globally, ranking 7th in Asia and 17th in the world by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark.

Godrej Properties places a strong emphasis on sustainable development, considering various environmental factors in its projects. This includes sourcing materials responsibly, selecting sites and designs with care, and optimising water and energy usage. The company’s commitment to sustainability has been widely acknowledged and contributes to its success in the real estate industry.


4. Brigade Enterprises Ltd.

Brigade Enterprises Ltd. is a company based in India with a registered office. M R Jaishankar serves as the Chairman and CEO, while Nirupa Shankar holds the position of Executive Director. The company was started in the past, but the specific year is not mentioned.

In terms of financials, Brigade Enterprises Ltd. reported a net income of 2,632 crores. The company generated approximately 112 crores and has a total of 12,260 crores in its portfolio.

Brigade Enterprises Ltd. operates in various fields, including real estate, lease rental, and hospitality. It has projects in multiple cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Mysuru, and Ahmedabad.

The company employs over 3000 people and upholds core values of fairness, innovation, trust, and responsibility towards the world. In 2007, Brigade Enterprises Ltd. conducted an Initial Public Offering (IPO) worth Rs. 650 crores, offering its shares to the public market.


5. Oberoi Realty Ltd.

Oberoi Realty Ltd. is a well-established real estate company in India, with over 30 years of experience. It was founded in 1998 and has its registered office in Mumbai. Vikas Oberoi serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of the company.

As of March 2020, Oberoi Realty has planned construction space of 38 million square feet for the next three years. The company has successfully completed at least 42 projects to date, specialising in commercial real estate, retail, and social and hospitality infrastructure.

Oberoi Realty has earned a reputation as one of the best real estate companies in India. In the year 2020, the company generated INR 2,237 million in net revenue. With its commitment to quality and expertise in various sectors, Oberoi Realty continues to be a prominent player in the Indian real estate industry.


6. Goyal property centre

Goyal Property Centre is a family-run real estate investing and brokerage firm in Karnal and nearby cities. They deal in the purchase, sale, and rent of commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural properties. They prioritise educating clients about the real estate market and maintain honesty, integrity, and transparency. With a strong network and portfolio, they analyse parameters like location, connectivity, feasibility, and return on investment to provide the best deals. Whether you want to buy, sell, or rent a property, they are your go-to consultants. People who work for this company are in Karnal, [Hariyana] India. Rishabh Goyal is the company’s CEO. The company was founded 25 years ago. 


7.  L&T Realty Ltd. 

L&T Realty, the real estate arm of Larsen and Toubro, is a renowned and trusted real estate company in India. Founded in 2011, it has established itself as a leader in the Indian real estate market.

The company has an impressive portfolio of 70 million square feet in residential, commercial, and retail projects. These projects are spread across prominent cities such as Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, NCR, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

L&T Realty is known for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. The company strives to create landmarks of excellence and employs creative and innovative approaches to conducting business. Led by Mr. Shrikant Joshi, the CEO and MD, the team at L&T Realty is dedicated to fulfilling their promises and leveraging new technologies for growth.

With a strong reputation for reliability and a focus on customer happiness, L&T Realty continues to be a prominent player in the Indian real estate industry.


8. Prestige Estates Projects Ltd. 

Prestige Estates Projects is a company with a registered office in India. Irfan Razack serves as the CEO and Chairman, while Rezwan Razack is a co-owner. The specific year of the company’s establishment is not mentioned.

In 2020, Prestige Estates Projects reported a net income of 8,124 crores. The company made a profit of 544 crores and has a total amount of 29,771 crores.

One of the notable projects undertaken by Prestige Estates Projects is the construction of a prominent hotel and convention centre in New Delhi. Over the span of more than 30 years, the company has completed 330 projects. It operates in 12 major Indian cities and has received over 300 awards.

Prestige Estates Projects is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and employees. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, the company provided 2.2 million meals to those in need.

Overall, Prestige Estates Projects is a reputable company in the real estate industry, known for its impressive projects, widespread presence, and commitment to social responsibility.


9. Sobha Ltd.

Sobha Ltd, founded in 1995 and headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a prominent real estate company. It specializes in the construction and development of residential and commercial projects. Additionally, Sobha Ltd undertakes projects on behalf of other clients, showcasing its expertise in the industry.


10. Phoenix Mills Ltd.

Phoenix Mills Ltd. is a company based in Mumbai, India. Atul Ruia serves as the Chairman and Non-Executive Director, while Shishir Shrivastava holds the position of CEO. The company has a long-standing history, founded in 1905.

In terms of financials, Phoenix Mills Ltd. reported a net income of 1,941 crores. The company made a profit of 355 crores and has a total amount of 10,547 crores.

Phoenix Mills Ltd. specializes in the construction of various properties, including retail, residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. They own nine large-scale retail assets across six cities in India.

The company strives to be the best and most trusted real estate company in the country. With notable projects like Phoenix Palladium in Mumbai and Phoenix Market City in Pune, they focus on delivering services that are customer-centric and driven by insights.


Factors to consider when choosing a real estate agent

Choosing the right real estate agent is crucial to the success of your property transaction. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:


Look for an agent with a good reputation in the industry. Check online reviews and ask for references from previous clients.


Make sure the agent specialises in the type of property you are interested in. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or luxury properties, find an agent with relevant expertise.

Local knowledge: 

A real estate agent with in-depth knowledge of the local market will be better equipped to guide you through the buying or selling process.

Tips for working with a real estate agent

Once you have chosen a real estate agent, here are some tips to ensure a smooth working relationship:

  • Clearly communicate your requirements and expectations to the agent. This will help them understand your needs better and find properties that match your criteria.
  • Stay engaged throughout the process. Attend property viewings, ask questions, and provide feedback to your agent. This will help them refine their search and find properties that align with your preferences.
  • Trust your agent’s expertise. Remember that they have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. Be open to their suggestions and advice.

Questions to ask a real estate agent before hiring them

Before hiring a real estate agent, it is essential to ask them certain questions to ensure they are the right fit for your needs. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How long have you been in the real estate industry?
  • What areas do you specialise in?
  • Can you provide references from previous clients?
  • How do you stay updated on the local market trends?
  • What is your commission structure?

How to find the best real estate agent in your city

Finding the best real estate agent in your city can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you in your search:

  • Ask for recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues who have recently bought or sold a property.
  • Research online. Many real estate agencies and agents have websites that provide information about their services and client testimonials.
  • Attend open houses and real estate events in your area. This will give you an opportunity to meet agents in person and get a sense of their professionalism and expertise.

Benefits of hiring a professional real estate agent

Hiring a professional real estate agent offers numerous benefits. Firstly, they have access to a vast network of properties and potential buyers or sellers. This increases your chances of finding the perfect property or buyer for your needs. Secondly, they have the negotiation skills to ensure you get the best deal possible. Lastly, they handle all the paperwork and legal formalities, saving you time and stress.


In conclusion, finding the best real estate agent in India is crucial for a successful property transaction. Consider their experience, expertise, and reputation before making your decision. Remember to communicate effectively and trust their expertise throughout the process. With the right agent by your side, you can navigate the complex real estate market in India with ease and find your dream property.

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