A Complete Beginner Guide to Mobile App Marketing

There are currently 2.56 million apps for Android users and 1.85 million apps for iOS users. Additionally, more than 80% of people on the planet own a smartphone, and users log 5 to 6 hours per day on their devices on average.

These figures illustrate how crucial it is for firms to go mobile. In actuality, nearly all large organizations and over 65 percent of small enterprises currently have a mobile application.

This region of the country has fierce competition. To thrive, you’ll need to stand out from the tens of thousands of other apps. It won’t happen overnight, but it is doable with the right mobile app marketing strategy.

The Stages Of A Mobile App Marketing Strategy

  1. Awareness Stage
    Building brand recognition and exposure is the major goal during this prelaunch phase. The who, when, why, where, and how of your brand’s identity are already obvious in your brand language and positioning. By providing them with genuine value and real connections, having these points clearly defined will enable you to engage with potential consumers on a deeper level.

Below is a list of steps and strategies to follow during the awareness stage of your marketing plan.

  1. Choose a release date
  2. Perform market research to comprehend your target audience
  3. Construct user personas
  4. Analyze the competition
  5. Make a landing page or website
  6. Outreach Programs
  7. Social Media Promote
  8. Establish A Content Marketing Plan
  9. Acquisition Stage
    Using a variety of marketing techniques, the goal at this stage is to increase app usage and installation rates. The acquisition stage is an ongoing process that needs constant improvement and monitoring. It’s crucial to see a sharp increase in downloads, especially within the first week after launch. A good position in app stores will result from doing this.

Below is a list of strategies that can be used to acquire users.

Paid Strategies
Start rolling out advertising for the app when it launches, especially for user acquisition on social platforms like LinkedIn. You should also take into account other sites like Instagram and Twitter, which, despite having a smaller reach, are nonetheless useful, particularly for millennials, depending on your target audience. With the help of LinkedIn’s ad platform, businesses can successfully target specific audiences based on factors like location, interests, and more. People have shorter attention spans, so if you’re using social media ads to target your demographic, your commercials should be able, sum up, the product’s function in only a few seconds. Google Search advertisements might also be a fantastic choice if you’re offering the solution that your users are looking for.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization entails making adjustments to your App Store page so that it will appear higher in search results and convert more frequently. Direct searches in the App Store provide more than 65% of app discoveries. Once your software is highly rated for a certain term, it will stay there for months. Potential users will see your software more frequently the higher it ranks. In the end, greater exposure should result in more downloads, which will aid in getting editors to take notice of your app. Title and keyword selection are only two of the many elements that contribute to effective app store optimization. A compelling title offers the ability to draw consumers in and persuade them to download your app to learn more.

Pitch To Apple’s Editorial Team To Be Featured In The App Store
Another resource that marketers may use as part of their marketing strategy is becoming highlighted in the App Store. Being featured gives apps a better chance to gain more exposure and downloads, which can lead to cheaper acquisition costs, more loyal users, and higher income.

Professional App Store curators evaluate new games and apps every day, whether they are free or paid. Apple receives countless submissions for mobile app features. Using this strategy skillfully can be beneficial. Create a persuasive pitch that describes what your software does and how it differs from others.

  1. Retention Stage
    Getting users is not sufficient, however, how challenging it is. You must keep them on your app, keep them interested, and convert them into devoted clients. Active engagement from the start is ensured by running your retention campaigns concurrently with your acquisition activities.

Not overselling is a crucial component of every marketing approach. Word of mouth is by far the most effective approach for promoting any smartphone app. This means that you cannot overpromise or engage in deceptive advertising. You must maintain consistency in your messaging to avoid aggravating people and having a high uninstall rate.

It’s crucial to diversify your marketing approach while developing a comprehensive app marketing plan. With video, some people will connect more than with images or text. Make sure app reviewers always have easy access to diverse information by producing it. Always keep in mind that iterating your plan and ongoing optimization are the keys to achieving the ideal harmony between several strategies.

Setting KPIs is among the most crucial steps to take when thinking about how to advertise an app. You can determine potential bottlenecks that prevent users from progressing from the first to the last step by tracking the appropriate metrics at each stage of the user experience. Focusing on real-time data is essential for performance analysis and optimization of your program.

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