Top 5 Creative Logo Design Trends For 2022

We are gonna discuss some new logo design trends which you can use for your logo to look trendy.

2022 Logo Design Trends
Retro rubber hose logos

Perhaps the rubber hose style is making a comeback because it’s only been around for approximately a century. Or perhaps it’s because this design lends itself to characters, and character logos are a method to make firms seem more approachable and human. In any event, the rubber hose logos of 2022 are colorful, in contrast to the old-fashioned black-and-white cartoons.
Blurred logos

The words on a logo should be readable, right?

As designers experiment with blur effects to highlight fluidity and movement rather than concentrating purely on readability in 2022, that will be of much lower priority.

Only the letter edges might be obscured, making the word’s primary structure visible. Alternatively, you could include a legibly printed version of the brand name with the blurred logo so that the reader can fully comprehend your brand identification.

It’s very compelling and unforgettable to create a blur effect for your logo, and it embraces the opportunity to include animation.

The words on a logo should be readable, right?

There are other types of distortion that we’ll see a lot more of in 2022 logo design trends in addition to blurred logos. In order to create a sense of limitlessness and infinite space, designers are also experimenting with stretched and continuous letters. These logos, as you can see, have curves. Some of them resemble spaghetti strands that are begging to be twirled around your fork. Others just expand one or two letters while leaving the others the same size, drawing attention to those stretched letters for emphasis.

You’ll often note that the pronunciation of the logo title puts vocal focus on the same letter or sound when a logo emphasizes one letter by stretching or distorting it. Alternately, you might reshape letters in a logo to represent the main offering of the brand.


We’ve already discussed 2000s nostalgia on the blog. When we discussed the aughts aesthetic last, we debated whether it was too soon to start using it in designs. The answer is now obvious: without a doubt not! Look at the fashion, which Evan Collins initially named “McBling” in 2006:

What then is McBling? It is an aesthetic that embraces and emphasizes the stylistic characteristics of the 2000s, more precisely, roughly from 2003 to 2008. The obsessive celebrity adoration, the introduction of Twitter, and societal obsessions with the color pink, diamonds, and gothic fonts serve as a mixed bag of contrasts to capture the highs and lows of that era.

The 2000s are being reexamined by designers and creatives of all stripes now that we are firmly established in the third decade of the twenty-first century. If we aren’t watching documentaries about Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, we are binge-watching throwback television shows and movies.

Following and innovating in this maximalist aesthetics era, design is paying homage to its emo culture, extravagant shows of riches, and of course, bling.

Scribbles and sketches

While some logo designers incorporate motifs from earlier decades to play on simpler times, others take a different approach to their nostalgia: unstable, wobbly, childish artwork:

Expect to see more scribbles in 2022. As opposed to the cleaner, more “manufactured” logos you’ve seen in the last several years, expect to see more logos that have that raw, unfinished appearance. This fashion is unpolished yet refined and straightforward. And simplicity is just what the doctor ordered for a world that’s ready to declutter and let go of all the weights from the past as it looks toward a more promising future.

Q should fashion designers adopt trends?
Design trends are ever-evolving. A crucial skill for designers to have is the ability to follow and use them. The best designers study and comprehend current design trends in order to improve their work. Though some designers pay more attention to emerging trends than others.

Q Why does logo design matter so much now?
As a result of the fact that it attracts attention, leaves a lasting impression, forms the basis of your brand identity, is memorable, distinguishes you from competitors, encourages brand loyalty, and is accepted by your target audience.

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