WOW Services

Mobile App Development

Mavericks at WOWIT are a team of highly experienced mobile app developers who will work with you to identify exactly how you would like your app to do for your business and customers. We can also help you if you want to start from scratch to redesign or upgrade your current app.We design mobile apps the way in which it can reach to all the businesses no matter how small and to do so on a budget affordable to them. Our Mavericks values quality and provides 100% bug free mobile applications with no compromisation in it.

Web Development

With a team of highly experienced Web developers, WOWIT creates the most amazing and impactful websites that you will ever get designed for your brand or business. Mavericks have a creative approach towards designing websites as well as the content which will be presented through different sections - Home, About Us, Blogs. Above that, with the latest tools and expertise of our web developers, we will optimize the content and make it customer-centric as well as client-focused.

Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile app prototyping is a process of creating a working model of the future application which is crucial for both client and developers. WOWIT Mavericks is a team of professional UI/UX designers who work on Android and iOS app prototyping. We are No. 1 in mobile app prototyping services in Indore. Our expert developers and passionate designers turn ideas into creative and customer-centric mobile apps. We have expertise in developing apps for both iPhone & Android.

UI/UX Designing

When a website deals with repetitive tasks, it becomes hard to keep users excited about it, that’s when UI (User Interface) comes in. Whether it is a mobile app, website or web users or humans constantly interact with multiple elements. A good UI ensures that the user is able to do his or her task without getting lost and a good UX ensures that the design is intuitive and evokes the right emotions and empowers the user. User engagement takes place when UI & UX work together.


The Mavericks will help your brand reach out to its target audience in the fastest way. We will establish the perfect brand identity of yours, by using our creatively WOW skills and resources, that makes you epitomise yourself everywhere. We will imprint your brand products or services in the customer’s mind by combining the most important elements such as logo design, name branding, name design, mission statement, and a consistent theme throughout all marketing channels or media.

Social Media Marketing

The Mavericks will help you identify your brand’s USP innovatively, which will increase visibility of your brand on social media. We will help you engage a higher proportion of your target audience on social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest as well. With our personalised advertising on social media, we will create impactful designs and quirky content which provides better engagement across all social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

The Mavericks do this by using relevant and trending content, inbound & outbound links, so its pages become easy to find, more relevant to the brand’s USP, targets the right audience, and is popular towards user search queries. With our SEO specialists, who are highly skilled in Technical SEO, On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO, your website will garner more visibility online, making potential customers more likely to click over to your website and convert.

Influencer marketing

Our innovatively WOW team of digital marketing knows that when consumers watch their favorite content creator in a specific promotional content, they’re much more likely to pay attention to it. Mavericks know that when you collaborate with the right content creators, with an ideal target audience for your brand, your brand’s message will reach the right people. When you work with a WOW marketing agency like ours, that knows what it’s doing, the results will be exceptional.

Leads Generation

The Marketing Mavericks use the method which utilizes strategies, social media platforms, tactics, including - email campaigns, paid ads, social media campaigns, or even using a landing page on your brand's website. Our WOW team will create innovative and personalized campaigns under your budget in the simplest way. We will use our expertise in graphic designing and content writing to make your brand visible across all digital advertising platforms - Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.