Search Engine Optimization Guide for Instagram to Gain More Visibility

Is the new world. And the world is on fire because of this “#”. A hashtag allows users to engage more with people based on a geo-location-based tag, niche-related hashtag, and popular hashtag, these all kinds of hashtag helps to increase visibility on Instagram and is a new way to become popular on Instagram.

If you want to become popular on Instagram then there are plenty of ways that will help you to gain visibility for your brand among millions of people. To do the same Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in gaining visibility on Instagram. Popular hashtags, captions, and locations like #delhi, will help people to search for a specific location. All these things can help you to grow on Instagram with a proper SEO-optimized plan.

Why do you need to optimize for Instagram?
According to Wordstream, Instagram has become a top 4 social media platform across the world. More than 1 billion active users are on Instagram now and ⅔ of the total Instagram users are young or aged 30-35 years. Every active user spends approximately 53 minutes per day on Instagram, which will help engage more people on Instagram. And potentially 83% of the people come on Instagram looking for new products and services.

How to increase Instagram visibility by using SEO
The main focus is to engage the audience through posts, videos, reels, etc., and for the engagement, you need to be visible on Instagram. So how will you engage with the audience and increase visibility this is where SEO helps you. SEO helps you to optimize your content through hashtags, locations, captions, titles, and profiles. All these small steps help to boost the audience throughout the world.

7 Key Factors for Optimizing Instagram SEO

  1. Profile Optimization for Search Result
    To some extent, Instagram search work like a google search. It shows the relevant result to the user based on the profile name, user name, and bio. So it is very important to optimize your profile quickly. For example, if your keyword is protein shark then this keyword should be included in your profile name, username, and in your bio too.
  2. Write Keyword Optimized Caption
    When you go on the Instagram explore page, you generally watch the content based on your search interest. It is also based on the things you like on your home feed. Instagram shows you only the content in which you will show the most interest. Explore page search results on the basis of hashtags and location tags. The Instagram algorithm also shows you the result on the basis of the keyword which you have added to your bio, on your username and your profile name. Adding these keywords to your profile in every way can make it more visible in the eyes of users.
  3. Increase Visibility by using Hashtag as Keywords
    The Instagram Hashtag works like a keyword when you search for something on the search results. Hashtag plays a vital role in making your profile or posts visible, in short hashtag helps the users to discover relevant searches. When the user will search for something with the help of a hashtag and if it is a relevant hashtag for your brand then your post will come top on the search result. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your post but for that, you have to be sure about the density and relevancy of that hashtag. We suggest at least 20 hashtags should be included in posts with the right hashtag density and relevancy.
  4. Includes Locations Tag
    Location tags are the most important for increasing the visibility of your Instagram post in search results. If you want to target your audience according to some specific location like city, state, and country then location tags are important to boost the audience. For example, if you are searching best food in Delhi then all the relevant posts on Delhi food will be shown to you in the search results. All the posts have the location tag Delhi and have a quality image in the post, plus an authoritative profile. If you fulfill this factor, your posts will be visible at the top.
  5. Create Instagram Collaboration
    If you are not making collaboration with other Instagram influencers then you are really missing out on some interesting thing. This Instagram collaboration is designed for getting more engagement purposes only. In the collaboration both the creators share the same post. By doing this your post gets double engagement, likes, and comments. The post the creator will share will get more visibility by using the collaboration option on Instagram.
  6. Build Authority in your Niche
    Building authority in your niche means the post, videos, and reels you are making should be relevant to your brand. This will help to build your profile authority in your niche and will help users to search the relevant information. that is why you should prioritize your content according to your specific niche. For example, if your niche is digital agency service then all the content you are providing through post videos and reels should be relevant to the digital agency only like services, tools, infographic information, the trend of digital agency, the scope of agency etc.
  7. Make Reels using Popular Audio
    The Instagram reels help to gain more visibility instantly for a new creator too. It doesn’t matter if you are a new creator or not, Instagram reels provide equal opportunity to all the creators to grow instantly. By using trending audio and relevant content you can generate more engagement in the reel you are uploading. Reels are a good source to grow your brand on Instagram.

We think we have shared all the relevant information related to Search Engine Optimization which can help you grow on Instagram. All these are white hat SEO tips that can help everyone the creator, influencer, or any business person.

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