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taSki Technologies

taSki Technologies emerges as a trailblazer in the technology-driven mobility sector, catering to esteemed corporate clients such as TATA, Swiggy, BYJU’s, and Licious. With a widespread presence across 500 cities and a robust driver network of 13,000, taSki is at the forefront of revolutionizing transportation.

objectives given by client

Enhance Brand Visibility

Establish taSki as a thought leader in corporate mobility solutions.

Increase Corporate Client Engagement

Build a robust LinkedIn presence to attract and engage with CXOs of corporate clients.

the solutions we offered

LinkedIn Thought Leadership

Implement a content strategy focusing on industry trends and corporate mobility insights to position taSki as a leader.

Corporate Client Engagement Campaigns

Run targeted LinkedIn Ads and sponsored content campaigns to increase engagement and generate leads among corporate decision-makers.

Event Sponsorships and Collaborations

Partner with industry events and corporate conferences to enhance visibility and network with potential clients.


LinkedIn stands with 5,622 Followers which is a total increase of 210 organic followers monthly"

With “What should you expect after booking a taSki EV? Reel & “Are you stuck in a loop“ We reached a wider audience and generated significant buzz, resulting in 5k+ impressions.

3.5K Search Impressions 500+ Unique Visitors 8K+ Impressions [Monthly]