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Secret Of the East

Secrets of the East is a unique fusion of historical Indian craftsmanship and the vibrant style of Australia. This D2C brand embodies ethical elegance and sustainable living, celebrating the harmonious blend of Eastern and Western influences. Founded by Ms. Scarlett, a proud Indo-Australian woman, social worker, fitness trainer, and holistic wellness enthusiast.

objectives given by client

Brand Identity Enhancement

Showcase Secret Of the East’s unique fusion of Eastern and Western fashion through visually compelling posts and stories on social media.

Founder’s Storytelling

Share Ms. Scarlett’s journey and vision behind Secret Of the East, creating an emotional connection with the audience and reinforcing brand authenticity.

the solutions we offered

Visual Storytelling

Develop visually appealing content that highlights the craftsmanship and cultural influences behind Secret Of the East’s fashion collections, engaging and captivating the audience.

Global Campaign Strategies

Implement targeted social media campaigns optimized for different international markets to drive traffic and sales for Secret Of the East’s e-commerce platform.

Collaborative Campaigns

Partner with influencers and fashion bloggers to co-create content and campaigns that resonate with Secret Of the East’s global audience.


Launching as an International brand and having there audience base in Australia, SOTE came to us with an urgent requirement of establishing the brand online as they wanted to launch it in a month; Rollercoaster ride definetly! But WOWIT did it on time, working as Scarlett's SOTE digital partner.

63.8K Reach 3.3K Post Interactions 5+ B2B collaborations 2.2 Libk Clicks 1.2 K Followers in just one month