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Nourish Me

NourishMe By Monisha, a beacon of health and fitness in India, is the brainchild of Ms. Monisha, a renowned Weight Management Expert and acclaimed Lifestyle columnist. Recognized among Delhi’s Top 10 Dieticians by NDTV, she brings her expertise to the forefront to empower individuals on their wellness journey.

objectives given by client

Educational Videos

Share informative webinars and live sessions on health and fitness topics to position Ms. Monisha as a thought leader in the industry.

Expert Content Creation

Develop and share insightful articles, tips, and resources on social media platforms to educate NourishMe’s audience about nutrition and wellness.

Community Building

Foster an engaged community through interactive posts, Q&A sessions, and discussions on social media platforms, promoting healthy living and dietary practices.

the solutions we offered

Educational Video Content

Post monthly webinars featuring Ms. Monisha and guest experts to educate the audience on health and nutrition topics, positioning NourishMe as a trusted source of information.

Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy focused on creating valuable and educational content that resonates with NourishMe’s target audience.

Community Engagement Tactics

Implement interactive social media campaigns, including challenges and user-generated content initiatives, to foster community engagement and build brand loyalty for NourishMe.


385.4K Overall Reach 16.5K Acounts Reached

8K Followers with 100% Growth in every quarter