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Shakti Pumps [India] Limited

A leading manufacturer of submersible pumps for domestic, industrial, horticultural, and agricultural use. With a global presence spanning over 100 countries, including branches in the USA, Australia, and UAE, Shakti Pumps is renowned for its quality and innovation in the pump industry.

objectives given by client

Enhance Online Presence

Shakti Pumps aimed to establish a cohesive and up-to-date online presence aligned with current industry trends to enhance brand visibility and engagement with its target audience.

Expand Market Reach

Expand Market Reach: With a focus on growth, Shakti Pumps sought to penetrate new markets and attract a wider customer base through strategic digital marketing initiatives.

Improve Brand Consistency

Addressing concerns about inconsistent online branding, Shakti Pumps aimed to create a unified brand image across all digital channels.

Compete Effectively

In a competitive market, Shakti Pumps aimed to position itself as a strong contender by adopting innovative digital marketing strategies to rival established brands in the industry.

the solutions we offered

Social Media Marketing

Executed dynamic social media campaigns highlighting product USPs, trends, memes, wish posts, informative content, offers, and giveaways to drive page growth and engagement.
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Social Network Marketing

Targeted corporate-level audiences and B2B suppliers through strategic social network marketing, competing effectively with established brands in the industry.
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Google Marketing

Implemented comprehensive SEO strategies, including technical optimization, on-page and off-page optimization through keyword targeting, blog and article publication, backlink generation, and forum submissions.
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Landing Page Creation

Conducted A/B testing of high-ranking keywords and campaigns to optimize landing pages for higher impressions and reach, enhancing user experience and conversion rates.
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Meta Ads Campaigns

Launched Meta Ads on Facebook and Instagram to increase post and profile reach, build audience engagement, and boost profile visits and followers, expanding brand visibility and reach.
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