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Sam and Marshal

A premier Indian eyewear brand meticulously crafted by Indian artisans for the discerning Indian market. With a commitment to style and quality, their curated collection offers an array of options tailored to every face shape, ensuring both men and women find the perfect blend of fashion and function.

objectives given by client

Enhance Online Visibility

Needed to increase their brand visibility online to attract a broader audience and stand out in the competitive eyewear market.

Boost Search Rankings

Develop and share insightful articles, tips, and resources on social media platforms to educate NourishMe’s audience about nutrition and wellness.

Content Strategy

Required a robust content strategy to engage their audience, showcasing their products and craftsmanship through informative and appealing content.

the solutions we offered

Competitor Analysis

Conducted a thorough competitor analysis to identify market trends, strengths, and weaknesses of top competitors, providing strategic insights for better positioning.

Foundational SEO

Implemented foundational SEO practices to ensure the website is indexed properly by search engines, improving initial visibility and ranking potential.

Technical SEO

Optimized the website's technical aspects, including site speed, mobile responsiveness, and structured data, enhancing overall performance and user experience.

On-Page SEO

Enhanced on-page elements such as meta tags, headers, and internal linking to improve relevance and ranking for targeted keywords.

Off-Page SEO

Developed a comprehensive off-page SEO strategy focusing on quality backlinks and social signals to boost domain authority and search engine rankings.

Article Submissions

Created and submitted high-quality articles to relevant platforms to establish authority and drive traffic back to the website.

Blog Postings

Regularly posted engaging and informative blog content tailored to the eyewear industry, helping to attract, educate, and retain a loyal audience.


Clicks Per Day: 908

Clicks Per Month: 11.2K

Impressions Per Month: 198K

Keywords Ranked: 59

Traffic Growth (Per Month): 1.9K to 11.2K

Pages Optimized: 63+

Blog Posts: 48

Article Submissions: 24