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Real Mark Sports

Indore's premier sports retail giant, serving for over two decades. As the city's go-to destination for sports accessories and apparel, we empower athletes with top-quality gear and attire. With our legacy of passion and excellence, we fuel sporting dreams, offering cutting-edge equipment and stylish apparel.

objectives given by client

Increase Online Sales

Drive traffic to the e-commerce platform and boost online sales of sports equipment and apparel.

Build Brand Loyalty

Cultivate a community of sports enthusiasts and loyal customers through engaging social media interactions.

the solutions we offered

E-commerce Promotions

Launch targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns promoting seasonal sales and new product launches to drive online conversions.

Social Media Contests and Challenges

Organize interactive contests, challenges, and user-generated content campaigns to encourage customer participation and brand advocacy.

Customer Support and Engagement

Provide responsive customer support and engage with followers through timely responses, live Q&A sessions, and behind-the-scenes content to build trust and loyalty.


2Million + Views on Reels

400+ Post share per month

303,713 Reach 384,752 Impressions 2,323 Engagement