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A Shree KDK Enterprise initiative, which signifies - “The Right Paper”. A brand dedicated to producing customizable, sustainable and affordable paper based products that are exceptionally lightweight.

objectives given by client

Increase Brand Awareness

Raise awareness about PXPER's sustainable and customizable paper-based products among environmentally conscious consumers.

Drive Online Sales

Boost e-commerce sales and conversions through targeted social media marketing campaigns.

the solutions we offered

Sustainable Brand Messaging

Develop a social media content strategy emphasizing PXPER's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices to resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

E-commerce Promotions

Implement Facebook Ads and Instagram Shopping campaigns promoting PXPER's customizable and lightweight paper products to drive online sales.

Influencer Collaborations

Partner with sustainability influencers and eco-conscious bloggers to endorse PXPER's products and reach a wider audience interested in sustainable living.


PxPer started with 29 followers, in just one we touched 500+ organic followers

Increase in engagement across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, engagement increased to 2,477 on Facebook and we reached 300+ accounts on Instagram, post impressions have substantially increased to 400+ on LinkedIn

4K+ Post Reach 1.5K impressions 1K post interactions [Monthly]