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Pratibha Syntex

Established in 1997, Pratibha Syntex has emerged as India’s largest sustainable apparel manufacturer, boasting a workforce of over 6000 employees. Recently, they launched a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand offering eco-friendly sportswear and athleisure wear, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards sustainability and innovation.

objectives given by client

D2C Brand Launch

Pratibha Syntex aimed to successfully launch their D2C brand, requiring assistance with online branding, brand launch strategies, brand building initiatives, and performance marketing to establish a strong online presence.

Brand Performance Marketing

With a focus on driving brand performance and engagement, Pratibha Syntex sought effective marketing strategies to promote their eco-friendly clothing range and connect with their target audience.

Trendy Marketing Materials Design

In line with their innovative approach, Pratibha Syntex needed trendy and visually appealing marketing materials to support their brand launch and marketing campaigns.

the solutions we offered


Conducted comprehensive branding exercises, including brand naming, logo design, and development of brand guidelines to ensure consistency and coherence across all brand assets.
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Ecommerce Website Development

Designed and developed an ecommerce website tailored to Pratibha Syntex’s D2C brand, incorporating user-friendly features, intuitive navigation, and seamless checkout process to enhance the online shopping experience.
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Social Media Marketing

Executed targeted social media marketing campaigns to promote Pratibha Syntex’s D2C brand, showcasing their eco-friendly clothing range and engaging with their audience across various social media platforms.
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Meta Ads Campaigns

Launched Meta Ads campaigns to expand brand reach and visibility, targeting specific demographics and interests to drive traffic and conversions for Pratibha Syntex’s D2C brand.
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Influencer Marketing

Collaborated with relevant influencers and brand ambassadors to amplify Pratibha Syntex’s brand message and reach a wider audience, leveraging influencer partnerships to build credibility and trust.
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In-store Advertising Collaterals

Developed visually appealing and informative in-store advertising collaterals to enhance brand visibility and attract customers to Pratibha Syntex’s physical retail locations, reinforcing the brand’s presence across multiple touchpoints.
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