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Nanabhai Jewellers

Jewellers Nanabhai, a distinguished name in the fashion industry, renowned for its heritage fine gold, diamond jewellery, and exquisite watches. With a legacy spanning since 1934, they curate timeless pieces epitomizing elegance and luxury.

objectives given by client

Enhance Online Presence

Strengthen Nanabhai Jewellers' online presence and showcase their heritage gold and diamond jewellery collections to a global audience.

Increase Customer Engagement

Engage with customers and prospective clients through interactive social media content and personalized communication.

the solutions we offered

Visual Content Strategy

Curate visually stunning Instagram and Facebook posts showcasing Nanabhai Jewellers' exquisite jewellery collections, craftsmanship, and heritage.

Virtual Visit Experiences

Launch virtual store visit experiences videos on Instagram and Facebook to allow customers to visualize jewellery pieces before making a purchase.

Social Media Advertising

Run targeted Facebook organic campaigns promoting seasonal collections, special offers, and exclusive deals to attract and convert potential customers.


With The Perfect Jewellery we have reached a wider audience and generated significant buzz, resulting in a reach of +14 000 increase.

Increase in engagement across Instagram and Facebook, with a growth of 77.3k with an increase of +22% on Instagram and 22.1K with an increase of 4.9% on Facebook.

80K Non Followers 89,432 Impressions 1K Followers