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Magic Aroma

Established almost 23 years ago in Indore under the brand "Magic," the company produces luxury Ayurvedic items such as hair shampoo, shower gel, handwash, facewash, and hand sanitizer. With a clientele exceeding 10 thousand in the hospitality sector, notable clients include Sayaji, Simcha Island, Winway, Skyline Club & Resorts, and Playotel.

objectives given by client

Increase Online Awareness

Drive online awareness for Magic Aroma's luxury Ayurvedic products through effective social media marketing campaigns, emphasizing product benefits, and engaging storytelling to attract and convert target audiences.

Strengthen Customer Engagement

Foster deeper connections with Magic Aroma's clientele by enhancing customer engagement through interactive content, personalized messaging, and responsive social media interactions, aiming to improve brand loyalty and advocacy.

the solutions we offered

Targeted Creative Campaigns

Launch targeted ad campaigns on social media platforms to reach Magic Aroma’s target audience in hospitality and luxury sectors, driving brand visibility and sales.

Regional Content Localization

Develop region-specific content strategies and campaigns on social media to resonate with diverse demographics and cultural preferences, enhancing Magic Aroma’s market penetration.

Influencer Partnerships

Partner with influencers and wellness experts to create authentic content and endorsements, leveraging their credibility to increase brand awareness and trust for Magic Aroma.


FB & Insta overall engagement growth 290 with an increase of +15.1% on Instagram and 200 with an increase of +57.9% on Facebook

Non-follower account reach in a Month: 357

100+ Content Interactions 100+ Post Impressions 500+ Followers