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GoPreg, a Garbh Sanskar companion, is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive guidance and unwavering support to expectant mothers, prospective parents, and those navigating the journey of parenthood in India.

objectives given by client

Ideation to Business Model

Transforming the concept of Garbh Sanskar into a viable business model, ensuring alignment with the unique needs and preferences of Indian expectant mothers and families.

Platform Design and Development

Crafting an intuitive and user-friendly platform that offers easy access to a wealth of Garbh Sanskar resources, tools, and support services.


Establishing a trusted and authoritative brand identity that resonates with the target audience, conveying credibility, reliability, and compassion.

Go-to-Market Launch

Strategically launching GoPreg into the Indian market with a comprehensive marketing strategy to create awareness and drive adoption among expectant mothers and families.

Marketing Strategies

Implementing a multi-faceted marketing approach encompassing social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), influencer marketing, and targeted advertising to reach and engage with the target audience effectively.

the solutions we offered

Business Consultation

Offering expert guidance and consultation on the development and implementation of the Garbh Sanskar companion, ensuring strategic planning and execution.
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App Consultation

Providing insights and recommendations on app development strategies, user experience design, and feature enhancements to optimize the functionality and usability of the GoPreg app.
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Marketing Consultation

Developing customized marketing strategies to promote the launch of GoPreg, drive user acquisition, engagement, and retention.
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Creating a distinctive brand identity for GoPreg, including logo design, brand messaging, and visual elements that convey trust, reliability, and empathy.
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App Development

Designing and developing the GoPreg app with a focus on user-centric design, seamless navigation, and access to a comprehensive range of Garbh Sanskar resources and tools.
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Website Development

Creating a user-friendly website for GoPreg to complement the mobile app and provide additional information, resources, and support services to expectant mothers and families.
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Social Media Marketing (SoMeMa)

Launching targeted social media campaigns to raise awareness, drive engagement, and foster community building among the GoPreg audience.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing the GoPreg website and app for search engines to improve visibility, attract organic traffic, and enhance user discovery.
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Meta Ads

Run strategic advertising campaigns on Meta platforms to increase app installs, drive engagement, and expand the reach of GoPreg.
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Google Ads

Execute targeted advertising campaigns on Google platforms to boost app installs, foster engagement, and broaden the audience reach for GoPreg.
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YouTube Ads

Producing compelling ad shoots for YouTube marketing to showcase the benefits and features of GoPreg, targeting expectant mothers and families.
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Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with influencers and experts in the field of Garbh Sanskar to amplify GoPreg’s reach and credibility, leveraging their expertise and influence.
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PR Dissemination

Executing targeted PR campaigns to generate media coverage, press mentions, and positive reviews, enhancing GoPreg’s visibility and reputation.
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Content Creation

Developing engaging and informative content for the GoPreg platform, including articles, blog posts, videos, and infographics to educate and empower expectant mothers and families.
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