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Cosmos Coaching Classes

objectives given by client

Increase student enrollment and parent engagement through targeted social media marketing.
Cosmos Coaching aims to attract more students and parents seeking academic support.
Enhance brand credibility and visibility as a leading HSC coaching center in Parramatta, Sydney.
The objective is to showcase expertise and success stories through social media platforms.

the solutions we offered

Develop a content strategy focused on educational tips, success stories, and student testimonials.
Run targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to reach parents and students in the local area.
Use social media analytics to optimize campaigns and improve engagement rates.


Growth of 313.6k with an increase of +20.6% on Instagram and 175.9k with an increase of 66% on Facebook

Campaign Success

Diwali Campaign hit the mark! We reached a wider audience and generated significant buzz, resulting in a reach of +24k increase.

50K Reach 50+ Comments 1.2k Post Interactions 2k profile Visits [Monthly]