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Established by Mr. Dayal Das Ji Pahuja in the year 1989, has reached the pinnacle of all the traits. Their products hold the best grip and are seen across the country in more than 50+ cities including most of major cities as well as in the rural areas.

objectives given by client

Expand brand visibility and engagement across urban and rural areas in India through social media.
Candylake aims to connect with a diverse audience and strengthen its market presence.
Increase customer interaction and loyalty through interactive social media strategies.
The objective is to foster a community of brand advocates and loyal customers.

the solutions we offered

Implement localized social media campaigns tailored to different demographics and regions.
Encourage user participation through contests, polls, and interactive posts.
Use social listening tools to monitor conversations and engage with customers effectively.


Growth of 313.6k with an increase of +20.6% on Instagram and 175.9k with an increase of 66% on Facebook

Campaign Success

Diwali Campaign hit the mark! We reached a wider audience and generated significant buzz, resulting in a reach of +24k increase.

50K Reach 50+ Comments 1.2k Post Interactions 2k profile Visits [Monthly]