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Agents Recruitment

Founded by esteemed Insurance Coach Mr. Ravi Takle, boasts over 20 years of industry experience. Their training courses have garnered over 15 million views on YouTube and have successfully trained managers from top MNCs like Reliance, SBI, Edelweiss, TATA & HDFC.

objectives given by client

Website Launch

Agents Recruitment aimed to launch a new website with a minimal user interface to enhance user experience and facilitate easy navigation.

Traffic Generation

Seeking to increase website traffic, Agents Recruitment sought effective strategies to attract more visitors to their platform and engage with their content.

B2B Lead Generation

With a focus on expanding their business-to-business (B2B) outreach, Agents Recruitment aimed to generate leads from corporate clients interested in their training services.

the solutions we offered

LMS Website Development

Designed and developed a Learning Management System (LMS) website for Agents Recruitment, providing a user-friendly platform for their training courses and resources.
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Google Marketing

Implemented Google marketing strategies, including search engine optimization (on-page & off-page), to increase visibility and drive targeted traffic to Agents Recruitment’s website.
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Meta Ads Campaigns

Launched Meta Ads campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to expand reach and attract potential clients interested in Agents Recruitment’s training services.
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Landing Page Creation

Designed multiple landing pages of respective courses and training programmes in association with the Ad campaigns.
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Website Maintenance

Provided ongoing maintenance and support services for Agents Recruitment’s website, to monitor server & database, third party integration management, content updates, ensuring optimal performance and security measures.
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Marketing Service Partnership

Established a partnership with Agents Recruitment to provide comprehensive marketing services, including content creation, social media management, and campaign optimization, to enhance their online presence and attract more customers.
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