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Network of Startups

Innovation is a constant force at WOWIT, and the number of promising projects we have developed over time is a testimony to how The Startup Studio blends the latest technology with amazing innovations, which get added to an ultimate portfolio..


Deals, offers & eCommerce

The leading hyper-local business aggregator platform enables users to go through multiple live-deals & offers available from the on-boarded merchants.Other than the countless exciting deals & offers, Byloapp also takes the eCommerce route for enhanced usability.

The merchants can also put their products on display to be purchased directly by customers, echoing the nation’s #vocalforlocal philosophy.


Online Grocery Store

With Groders, growing customer orders in grocery is a hassle-free task. Available on both Android & iOS, Groders allows online grocery store owners to maintain their stocks and inventory, upload product catalogue and much more, thanks to the sophisticated Admin Panel provided.

As for the existing customers, the app eliminates the need for customers to send long order lists on texts. Just a few clicks, and orders are uploaded on the Groders app.

Bylo Handyman

B2B2C Platform

KhadePe is a platform that is dedicated to providing professional handyman services. There are two perspectives to the platforms- one for the service provider & the other for service seekers. The service providers can be anyone, including plumbers, electricians, drivers, photographers, and more, who can create their profiles on the platform.

The service seekers can choose the most-suited option for their requirements and schedule an appointment for the same, which gets updated on the KhadePe platform. It is a venture of WOWIT, and is in line with the #vocalforlocal initiative.


Food | Art | Culture

The main idea of Binge Tour is to make people more knowledgeable about the city where the Tour is getting underway. We aim to highlight and expose potentially unknown aspects and trivia about the cities, in a group of people who have succeeded in creating an identity of their own.

Binge Tour is winning hearts one city at a time by helping people discover their own city through its food, art and culture. People behind Binge Tours are foodies, art connoisseurs and culture geeks who have carefully crafted an experience that you want to attend.

Bylo Book

Private Autobiography Service

Lifebook is a private autobiography platform that presents users with the opportunity to create their own autobiography seamlessly. With Lifebook, the users are greeted with a sophisticated instance of technology which lists down their life as a unique autobiography which can be published too.

Just an interview, and then all the users need to do is sit back and relax.Every Lifebook autobiography is a souvenir of family history and experiences, which can be treasured for generations ahead in the future.


Celeb, Bouncer, BodyGuard

MyMuscle is a superb platform for the selected occasions when people want to feel special or like a celebrity. With MyMuscle, users can hire bodyguards or bouncers as and when they like doing so. There are two interfaces to the app- one is for the bouncers and bodyguards to upload their profiles, while the other interface is aimed at the users or customers.

They can look at the different profiles of bouncers & bodyguards and choose the one they seem will give them the best feel of being a special individual or celebrity they wanted to be.

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