We enable recurring revenue.

WOWIT Technologies is a service and product engineering company working as a startup studio with a team of product architects, designers, software developers, business analysts, sales & marketing mavericks and data scientists. The aim is on creating a suite of engagement-driven and automated solutions across Food, Lifestyle, Hospitality, Healthcare & Education.

What We Do
Subscription Model

The very founding stone of every offered service or product based startup of WOWIT is following the law of singular subscription based business models.
This is the WOW essence!

Hyper-local Market

The Indian economy is expecting a $5 trillion GDP by year 2025, and a major chunk of this growth will be helmed by the newest flagship segment, the hyper-local market.
Simply WOW!

Mobile & Web Products

The product department of WOWIT is developing mobile & web based products that are scalable, niche-focused and centered on solving real problems of businesses.
The WOW way!

Startups we are working on

Byloapp - Deals, Offers & eCommerce

The leading hyper-local business aggregator platform enables users to go through multiple live-deals & offers available from the on-boarded merchants. Other than the countless exciting deals & offers, Byloapp also takes the eCommerce route for enhanced usability.

The merchants can also put their products on display to be purchased directly by customers, echoing the nation’s #vocalforlocal philosophy


Bylo Market

Bylo Market, an online grocery order, delivery and inventory management system for grocery owners. A ready to lunch solution available on both Android & iOS platform with it's admin panel.

As for the existing customers, the app eliminates the need for customers to send long order lists on texts. Just a few clicks, and orders are uploaded on the Groders app.

Bylo Handyman

Bylo Handyman is an on-demand professional services platform - Uber for handy services. A single app for the service provider and the service seeker. Platform is available for beta users.

The service seekers can choose the most-suited option for their requirements and schedule an appointment for the same, which gets updated on the KhadePe platform. It is a venture of WOWIT, and is in line with the #vocalforlocal initiative


Bylo eStore

Bylo eCommerce Store, a ready to adopt and launch web application for retailers. Take your product based business online and start selling to your customers. The eStore has it's own admin panel.

The merchants can also put their products on display to be purchased directly by customers, echoing the nation’s #vocalforlocal philosophy.

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Vision and Mission

WOWIT Technologies Private Limited is an effort with the vision to empower automated solutions for an enhanced experience across different domains of food, lifestyle, healthcare, and more.

With this our driving force, every architect, engineer, and designer at our StartUp Studio hustles 24x7 to develop platforms that digitize the service industries of tomorrow. It's time to adopt digitization and bring in a harmonious digitized future!

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