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Shakti Pumps

Shakti Pumps India Limited is a leading manufacturer of submersible pumps for domestic, industrial, horticultural, and agricultural use. With a global presence spanning over 100 countries, including branches in the USA, Australia, and UAE, Shakti Pumps is renowned for its quality and innovation in the pump industry.

objectives given by client

B2B Engagement

Strengthen engagement with B2B clients and industry stakeholders through informative and educational content on social media platforms.

Market Expansion

Expand market reach and customer base in new geographical regions and industries through targeted social media marketing strategies.

the solutions we offered

Thought Leadership Content

Publish thought leadership articles, industry insights, and case studies on LinkedIn and Twitter to position Shakti Pumps as a knowledgeable leader in the pump industry.

Geotargeted Campaigns

Implement geotargeted Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns to reach potential B2B clients and industry professionals in specific regions and industries.

Industry Webinars and Seminars

Host webinars and virtual seminars on topics related to pump technology, agriculture, and industrial applications to educate and engage with industry stakeholders.


Increase in reach across Facebook and Instagram with a total of 2M on Facebook and 53,438 on Instagram

The "Women‘s Day" Reel and the World Water Day Post have reached a wider audience and generated significant buzz, resulting in a reach of + 2.5k Account

9.2M Reach 53,776 Engagement 762 Accounts Interacted