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Rehabar Handloom

A third-generation business specializing in crafting the timeless elegance of Maheshwari Sarees, a handloom masterpiece originating from Maheshwar. With over six decades of expertise in handloom weaving and craftsmanship, Rehabar Handloom embodies tradition, artistry, and innovation.

objectives given by client

Online Transformation Journey

Rehabar Handloom sought to embark on a digital transformation journey, transitioning from a successful offline business to a prominent online presence, including the establishment of an ecommerce platform and social media presence.

Brand Identity Revamp

With a focus on modernization, Rehabar Handloom aimed to revitalize its brand identity, infusing it with relevant iconography, elements, and the essence of hand-woven handlooms.

Ecommerce Integration

Rehabar Handloom required a comprehensive ecommerce platform aligned with new branding guidelines, featuring optimized content, visually appealing catalog, and enhanced user experience.

Social Media Engagement

With the goal of expanding its online reach, Rehabar Handloom aimed to leverage social media marketing to showcase product trends, USPs, customer reviews, offers, and informative content, fostering page growth and engagement.

the solutions we offered

Marketing Consultation

Conducted in-depth marketing consultation to guide Rehabar Handloom through its digital transformation journey, focusing on messaging, marketing strategies, and online sales budgeting.
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Brand Identity Transformation

Revamped brand identity to incorporate relevant iconography and elements, capturing the essence of hand-woven handlooms and showcasing Rehabar Handloom’s commitment to craftsmanship and tradition.
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Ecommerce Platform Development

Designed and developed an ecommerce platform with new branding guidelines, optimized content, visually appealing catalog, and user-friendly interface, facilitating seamless online shopping experiences for customers.
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Social Media Marketing

Implemented social media marketing strategies to highlight product trends, USPs, customer reviews, offers, and informative content, driving page growth and engagement, and enhancing brand visibility and awareness.
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Search Engine Optimisation

Executed SEO strategies to increase website clicks and domain authority, with a focus on ranking product pages and brand keywords, ensuring higher visibility and organic traffic for Rehabar Handloom’s online presence.
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Meta Ads Campaigns

Launched targeted Meta Ads campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to build a customer base and generate leads for Rehabar Handloom’s products, focusing on brand awareness and remarketing strategies to drive product inquiries and conversions.
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