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Raj Industries

objectives given by client

Revitalize Online Presence

Raj Industries sought to rejuvenate its stagnant online presence, leveraging digital marketing to engage with its target audience effectively.

Expand Market Reach

With competitors dominating the online space, Raj Industries aimed to extend its market reach and tap into new customer segments.

Compete Effectively

In a competitive market, Raj Industries needed to establish itself as a formidable player online, competing with active brands and gaining market share.

Enhance Brand Visibility

To enhance brand visibility and awareness, Raj Industries aimed to implement innovative digital marketing strategies that would resonate with its audience.

the solutions we offered

Marketing Consultation

Collaborated with Raj Industries’ offline marketing and sales team to identify opportunities, address marketing challenges, and develop a strategic marketing budget.
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Print Media Branding

Implemented print media branding strategies to complement ground sales efforts, effectively promoting online presence, product launches, offers, and schemes.
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Social Media Marketing

Executed dynamic social media campaigns showcasing product USPs, trends, memes, wish posts, informative content, offers, and giveaways, driving page growth and engagement.
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Social Network Marketing

Targeted corporate-level audiences and B2B suppliers through strategic social network marketing, positioning Raj Industries as a competitive force in the online marketplace.
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Meta Ads

Leveraged Meta Ads to expand the reach of college-related content, including promotional materials, event announcements, and course offerings, targeting specific demographics and interest groups.
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Marketing Material Design

Developed visually appealing marketing materials for offline events, exhibitions, outlets, and outdoor marketing, ensuring consistent branding and messaging across all touchpoints.
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