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NTPC School of Business

affiliated with IIM, Noida, ranks 38th in IIRF 2024, among India’s Top 50 B-Schools, renowned for Energy Management education.

objectives given by client

Overall Objective

Identify and remove negative online content, enhance brand reputation, improve social media presence, Google ranking, and attract course leads.

Reputation Management

Implement effective online reputation management strategies to monitor and mitigate negative online content.

Social Media Enhancement

Enhance social media marketing strategies to engage with the target audience and showcase the college’s unique offerings.

SEO and Local Visibility

Improve SEO for targeted keywords and increase local visibility to attract potential students and professionals interested in Energy Management courses.

the solutions we offered

Online Reputation Management

Conducted comprehensive online reputation management to identify and remove negative reviews and posts, while also posting informative content on relevant platforms to enhance brand credibility and trust
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Social Media Marketing

Executed targeted social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms to showcase the college culture, faculty expertise, and state-of-the-art amenities, fostering engagement and interaction with prospective students and stakeholders.
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Search Engine Optimization

Implemented SEO strategies focusing on targeted keywords related to Energy Management education, including optimizing website content, publishing informative blogs and articles, and enhancing local SEO efforts to improve visibility and attract organic traffic.
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Google My Business

Utilized Google My Business (GMB) to optimize the college’s local listing, ensuring accurate and updated information for prospective students searching for educational institutions in the area.
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Meta Ads

Leveraged Meta Ads to expand the reach of college-related content, including promotional materials, event announcements, and course offerings, targeting specific demographics and interest groups.
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LinkedIn Ads

Ran targeted LinkedIn Ads campaigns to generate leads for the Management Development Programme (MDP), highlighting the program’s benefits and unique features to professionals seeking career advancement opportunities in the energy sector.
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Marketing Material Design

Designed visually appealing marketing materials tailored to current social media trends, ensuring consistency with the college’s branding guidelines and effectively promoting college events, workshops, and seminars.
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YouTube Channel Management

Managed and optimized the college’s YouTube channel, curating and promoting relevant videos, including campus tours, faculty interviews, and student testimonials, to increase organic views, engagement, and subscriber base.
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